Clipping Path Service

Bond with premium quality Clipping Path Service at affordable pricing under an effectively quick turnaround time that suits you best of your schedule.

What is a Clipping path service?

The wilderness, line or border line of the image is called the clipping path. The clipping path is divided into two parts here. Namely: Clipping is another path. Clipping means cutting, trimming or discarding etc. Path means road etc. The outline of the image is basically a combination of cement. 

It uses a single segment line for special needs. Edit bg The company provides a high quality image editing service using clipping paths. Background removal, ghost mannequin, background replacement etc.

 At present it is in great demand. This service is very important for extracting its basic shape from a photo and replacing the background. For those who work with photography, for business photographers, e-commerce business, essential.

Who needs clipping path services?

Various pictures taken with the camera, Fashion houses, hand-painted pictures, paintings, designs, e-commerce merchants etc. The clipping path must be used to remove and replace the background. 

This service is especially useful for those who work with product photography. After editing, the product is displayed on various websites Example :Amazon, Alibaba, Ali Express, Flipkart, eBay, Daraz etc. and sold to the customer at a higher price. brand and product recognition grows. 

Edit bg has been working with different people in companies, individuals, businesses, fashion houses etc. A good image editing helps to improve your brand or product. Moreover, picture frames printed on paper can also be used with captors, posters, banners, advertisements etc.

Edit BG Company Service Provider?

Edit bg is fully guaranteed to correct the flaws in your product. This company is run by many skilled designers. Your products are first shipped to the service manager, then to the second assistant service manager, then to the third team leader, and then to the fourth production house. 

They look after your products in a very creative way and work while maintaining the quality of the product.Which increases the attraction among the consumers and creates a positive attitude. We provide photo editing services at very affordable prices.

You can work with this company to show the natural look of the product, save money, save time and get better service. Send some images as a free trial to make sure you like our service. Or Contact us

See Our Service

Below are some photo editing samples according to our skills. These are for you. The works you see in the photo gallery are used only for clipping paths. The purpose of giving these is to give you some idea of what your photos will look like if you do the same editing. Even if your product is exceptional, no problem, We are ready to serve all kinds of product service.


Send a free clipping path trial to understand more about our experience and quality work. When it comes to image complexity, clipping services offer up to twenty free trials plus, you can request a quote directly.

Clipping Path Category

The clipping path is divided into 4 sections depending on the size and complexity of the image. Our customer support specialist can determine the category as soon as you get a free trial for photo editing. See the categories below
Clipping Path Easy

Start From $0.50 /per Image

Images that have no holes are called easy clipping paths. These pictures are small and simple. Clipping path takes less time. Such as: phone, pen, book, cup etc.

Clipping Path Simple

Start From $1.00/per Image

This clipping path is a little bigger than easy. Simple Image may have some holes. However, it also falls within the general clipping path And it takes less time and labor. Examples: bags, mugs, cartoons, T-shirts, bottles, pants, etc.
Clipping Path Medium

Start From $2.00/ per Image

It is harder than Simple. There are some holes and twists and turns around the image. Which is to do the clipping path.Examples: food, bracelets, watches, shoes, furniture, clothing, etc.

Clipping Path Complex

Start From $.8.00/ per Image

Complex words mean difficult. Products that have a lot of holes and look complicated are called clipping path complexes. For example, chains, nets, bouquets, trees, fur, hair, etc. need to create clipping paths.